About Rebuilding Houses

“Building your own home is about desire. But it’s achievable, anyone can do it.”
Kevin McCloud

In this house I grew up, where my comfort was built. 

All of its doors and windows were widely open, with nothing to hide. Even when I wanted to keep some things in the shadows, the light would quickly take over, making the shadow disappear. All secrets eventually see the light of day.

Walls made from the most fragile materials. Crowded halls filled with vitality and livelihood. This house provided me all the luxury a child or a young teenager can dream of. However, like all living things, the years have taken their toll on it. The liveliness had started to fade away. The events that were once exceptional became part of the everyday atmosphere. Nothing but a windy void inside of it. 

What could someone do to change such a situation?

As simple as it sounds: rebuilding, redecorating or even redesigning the architecture of his house. I wasn’t sure where I should begin; however, I knew that I needed to take action. I called a very brilliant and skilled architect who had experience in the domain. She told me something very valuable:

“How long would it take us to try to draw your house right now?”
“No more than a couple of hours”, I replied.

Full of wisdom, she looked at me and said: “Darling, my question cannot be answered. We will ever know how long it will take. The only way to find out is to draw it yourself – with my help – and the answer will appear.

“Home wasn’t built in a day”
Jane Sherwood Ace

This whole situation is something that sometimes happens in everyday life. The house I’m talking about excludes no one. 

Dear homeless people, you have a house too.

Our house is not the tons of bricks assembled in order to form a geometrical structure. I’m not talking about the one with the cozy living room or the fancy kitchenette. Our house is us. Our life is a home by itself. Our body which we neglect most of the time. Family, friends, beloved ones whom we had the most intimate relationships with. Our professional and educational life where we spend half of our life in. Not to forget all our personal engagements and social links that forge our brains and ways of thinking. Our house is all the hobbies and things we like the most, as well as the irritating ones.

My house is open for everything. There are no secrets. Soft walls represent my vulnerable and genuine self, in opposition to a stone cold appearance. My life is a really busy one, always crowded.

My architect is someone I met recently whose teachings have been a big eye opener. She told me to rest and understand my house’s composition in the middle of all the chaos. She had a big point because if I don’t try to understand its structure, how will I be able to rebuild it with her? I have wasted enough time on my old building; it is time to take a break, reevaluate and then move on. It is time to explore again and step out of my comfort zone.

Time to find new bricks and ideas. 
Time is ticking.

1 thought on “About Rebuilding Houses

  1. Hi Rita this speaks volumes to me and helps me sit down and count the cost of my own rebuilding i had already started the reflection at contemplation early this morning at the breaking of daylight. 😘


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