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About Us

Our story

They could never tear us apart, since we are too young to fall.

Change The Lens is a blog founded by Marwan Zogheib in November 2017, along with two outstanding writers in the team: XXIV and LB.

Our objective, as a continuation to the founder’s book Dare to DR24M, is to regroup many short articles based on different topics of conversation. These topics are numerous: abortion, friendship, music, motivation, racism and so on.

The purpose is to encourage readers to develop a critical point of view when looking at society, as well as everything happening around them, in order to engage in conversation. The endgame is not to say that the writers’ opinions are the only truth because they are not.

This is how change is made: by educating people and getting them to accept differences.

We wish you a pleasant experience on our blog. Do not hesitate to Contact Us and express your views on the topics we write. This is what Change The Lens is here for.

– LB and XXIV

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