About Relationships

“Nothing is created or destroyed. It can only be transformed.”
-Antoine de Lavoisier

If you feel depressed in your life, thinking that you will never find someone to love and to love you back, or you feel like your love life isn’t working, let me enlighten you with a bit of knowledge.

We all know that chemistry is fundamental to our body; that is happening all the time on its own without us interfering with it. If you know a bit about the said subject, you know that there are complete reactions on one end, and limited or reversible reactions on the other.

Let us focus on the second one first.

That type of reaction is composed of two reactors that interact in order to form the products while remaining in the solution instead of  completely disappearing , or in other terms don’t get used up fully. Relationships are exactly the same.

Two incompatible reactors don’t make a reaction; they are neutral to each other. Meanwhile, others react, give way for new products and remain in the solution. People are exactly the same; you can’t put together two people who are not compatible with each other, because they will not give anything new or even react in the first place. So you definitely need people that are compatible, who are able to give and receive. The things they create, “the fruits of their love,” will give them motivation, excitement and passion to give more and keep the reaction going.

Hence A+B<=>C+D.

However, those who give all they have and don’t stop, will use up everything and won’t be able to give anymore. That’s when fatigue and boredom settle in, the love starts to fade away and the relationship ends.

 In this case, A+B → C+D

So find the right balance to keep the reaction going. That balance is the equilibrium, where the reaction is going both ways at the same time and doesn’t stop.

Be like that reaction.

I guess you were waiting to read what I’m about to say for the depressed people who don’t find that “B” in their lives. Well there is something I haven’t mentioned, and that is the fact that this reaction comes also in another form. 

A ⇔ C+D.

Yes. It is possible to create a reaction from one reactor only, but only if you give yourself up, sacrifice yourself in order to decompose into other elements who will react with others, therefore igniting and changing something in them.

Create a chain reaction. You don’t need anyone in your life to make it happen; just choose to be the one who changes others, who will make a difference in the equation.

You might ask yourself now: “How? How am I supposed to do that when I’m sad and unmotivated?”

Well this might be it, but here is a simple thing I always do: just talk to someone. Literally, talk to friends, family, anyone who will help you ignite, find the best in you . Find confidence deep down within your heart and show it to people. Tell them what you are made of. Because you are capable, you are stronger than you think you are.

”You are so much stronger than you even think you are, let your heart lead the way.” 
Andy Grammer

Even if you don’t find someone, it’s no big deal; make the best out of you for now.

Don’t be afraid.
All of us have something to give. A different element that will surely react with someone else’s.

Be chemistry.
But not any kind of chemistry.

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