About Man

“Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself”.
Jean-Paul Sartre

When I became a man, I put away childish things”.

This verse comes from Saint Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. I really heard it for the first time when I was fifteen years old. A friend had sent me a talk on YouTube, in which a guy was sharing his life-changing experience: the experience of becoming a man. That video shocked me a lot back then. I remember myself relating to everything that guy had classified as ‘childish things’ in his talk. I could not understand why, but it seemed that I had perceived a wrong image, during the years, of what makes a man. So, I just want to ask you today the following question:

What makes a man?

First of all, in order not to be sexist, by using the expression ‘be a man’, I mean ‘grow up, become an adult, be mature’. So, what defines a grown-up person? Is it the person’s height? Muscles? Swearing? Drinking alcohol? Partying all week long? Well, no! You do not have to do all this stuff in order to be a man. Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, does not smoke or drink or party, in order to always be able to perform at a world-class level during every game. But, therefore, he is a kid, right? He does not live his life as it should be lived, does he? Life is not about neon lights on Friday nights, a glass of tequila in one hand, and the love of your night in the other. Women are also a part of the quest.

Many women – at least physically – are still seen as kids, because all they can think of is getting married to a man who owns a lot of money and who will make them live wealthily. The best known women in history are the ones who decided to take a stand for something much more important.

Michelle Obama kept on talking to girl students by telling them to focus more on their future than on boys. What did she mean by that? Girls should not get married? Of course not! She meant to tell those teenagers to prioritize things in life. This is the common point between all mature people. They realized that there is something bigger for their lives. They stopped wasting their time on things that are worthless. Precisely, every journey should take you one step closer to your real purpose. The purpose is the same for all: make this world a better place for everyone.

Only the means change.

We can all do great things in life. We do not have to wait until we turn eighteen years old, or until we become famous, in order to start becoming mature people; we could start today. If you want to go fast in your quest to maturity, go alone; on the other hand, if you want to go far, go in a team. Together Everyone Achieves More.

To grow up is to have greater values, different from the ones of the world. No matter where you are in your life, you can start your journey towards mental adulthood now. You will understand yourself more and you will reject the society that is not made for you. Although such decisions are not easy, they are quite simple.

When I became a man, I stopped living in the past tense because life goes on. I grew up and threw my hands up and said: “I am tired of being a boy; I am ready to be a man”. To grow up is to cherish everything valuable in life.

Make a change in your life. There are too many boys in this world and not enough men. You do not have any excuse to stay a kid. A man is someone who knows how to be respected and how to respect. You shall be able to accomplish the greatest things in life… once you decide to become an adult.

“I know that being a man is more than being male, and I’m focused on doing it right.”
– Anonymous

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