About The Other Side

“That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.” 
-Emily Dickinson

Unescapable, sudden, devastating, terrifying. Little words with which you could describe such a sad truth. It comes unnoticed and can haunt you not only in your dreams but lingers in your subconscious to emerge at any moment into your normal everyday life. You could imagine losing any of your loved ones and it drives you insane, spiralling into the most tragic and horrifying events, “It’s really late. Where’s that child? They should be home by now!” “Where did mom and dad go?” Later, getting a phone call from the police department informing you that your family has been in an accident and they’ve all passed. In this instant, your whole world changes. A person you’ve lived with your whole life has suddenly disappeared. Someone you counted on, loved and shared memories with. When it happens to you, take as much time as needed to process it. It will hurt immensely but you will get better.

This is the cycle of life, of nature; everything passes through that. Planet Earth has died and lived for millions of years. Since the dawn of time, humans have suffered loss and expressed it in all ways. In Indian culture they process loss in one of the most beautiful ways: through their religion, they believe that the people they lose are reincarnated into a cow and they respect that living being to the fullest extent because it is one of their own. The same way that in the Latin American culture, they celebrate their deceased through beautiful parades honouring them for the life they have lived and reconnecting with them in those beautiful ceremonies. 

“For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.”
-Gibran Kahlil Gibran

So death is of the utmost importance to appreciate life and the things it offers. We should live every second of our day loving everything and everyone because one day it could all be taken from us without warning. Why waste so much time filling our insides with hate when we could invest it in something much greater?

I have found myself looking at death through a different perspective. In a way I see it as a right of passage; you shouldn’t rush it nor escape from it but embrace it, as a sign of having finished what you needed to accomplish on Earth, that the message you were meant to put out into the world has been received and your duty is done. You can now rest and go back to the place you were always meant to be in, whatever or wherever that place may be. And maybe even death itself is the message some of us had to send to save others. 

Do not be afraid of death as it is just a door to whatever comes next, and enjoy life to the fullest before the moment arrives.

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