About Fatal Drugs

“It’s not the drugs that make a drug addict. It’s the need to escape reality.”
Riley Blue

People tend to over talk about substance addiction, about how someone becomes prone to alcohol or drug consumption. Most of the time, people fall into those traps; nobody is ever born as an alcoholic or a drug addict. Some are more easily influenced than others, and their entourage often puts them in a vulnerable position, but have you ever thought about the real reason behind this addiction?

Addiction is only a lack of will and discipline.

Certainly, you didn’t understand the link between these two clans. However, follow my lead and see for yourself. We are all concerned and connected to this topic, one way or another. Normal people are faced with addiction temptations on a daily basis. The problem is that our addictions eat us alive.

Have you ever wondered why particular actions become habits and sometimes even addictions? That’s the thing about it: you never see it coming. It’s the devil, all dressed up along with the angelic long white dress, knocking at your door. It will tell you: “Do it, just this once.” Only sometimes, it will be too late for you sadly but you’ll never know it on the spot. You’ll eventually find out at some point later. It is similar to when you have that assignment due next week and you choose to not do it until you only have a few hours before its deadline; in that moment, you find yourself lost and panicking because you realized that it needs more than the time you still have to complete it.

When you feel all the butterflies towards your crush but you are always procrastinating. You keep on delaying the day you will tell them about your feelings, only to realize that day that they’re unfortunately in a relationship now. Unfortunately, not with you.

When you have that start-up idea running in your head for almost three years now, but you always postpone the day you’ll start working on it. One day, you find out that your investor has given up on you and it’s too late for you to begin the project now.

‘’Ideas are like flowers, if you don’t nourish them they will eventually die.”
– LB

Living a healthy life and hitting the gym are two things you have always wanted to do. They have been on the top of your to-do list for every upcoming year. Yet here you are today, the same old person eating junk and not exercising at all, because you kept telling yourself “I’ll start on Monday”. Ironically, Monday never came yet.

Spanish is a language you constantly told yourself that you wanted to learn when you were in college, but your assignments were always in your way. Today, you’re an employed mother with three kids and a house to hold. So when did you have more free time? When you only had one or two responsibilities or now when you barely take ten minutes for yourself per day?

When you were a child, being a scout member was your dream. Again, you never succeeded in making it a  reality because you didn’t have enough time. You kept on convincing yourself that someday you’ll have more time than you do today.

How many of you have recognized themselves in any of these situations?

The Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs states that the three most dangerous drugs are alcohol, heroin and cocaine. However, it’s harder for some people to fall into these traps than it is for them to give in to the following deadly everyday drugs: Procrastination, giving up, negativity and laziness.

These poisons will never fail to consume you from the inside. This is where the addiction interferes. In the beginning, you think that it’s only a one-time thing, only for you to go into a phase and finally become addicted to it, finding yourself completely entangled and consumed by it. Can you imagine what it would be like to be in your 60s, 70s or 80s, and regretting what you have done to yourself? Can you picture yourself, 40 years from now, sitting with your grandchildren, waiting for you to tell them your stories, when the only one you can tell them is about the actions you never took or all the times you gave up because of one simple negative thought that took over you?

Consider this as your warning sign to never get addicted. How do you do it? You need to exercise and practice willpower and discipline because through a process will you be able to perfect these two powers and turn all your “should haves” and regrets into “haves” and actions.

“When you feel like quitting, remember why you even started in the first place.”
– Unknown

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