About Vital Uncertainty

 “Uncertainty is the only certainty out there.”


The more I think about you, the more you eat me up alive. You haunt my mind and you bring me down, all day and every day. You stop me from doing whatever I plan on doing.  You leave me trailing behind my goals because you wouldn’t let me work towards achieving them. You feed my fears and make them stand in my way. Your angelic side is too weak to take over your demonic one.

You let my mind pile up question after question, frustrating me: How am I supposed to figure everything out? Should I know my final destination? Am I obliged to have already found myself? Is it required to see the end result of everything I undertake?

You make me believe that anything less than a 100% guarantee is such a big issue. You don’t really care about my abilities or my age. You want me to know exactly what I’m doing no matter my situation. You scare me, making me want to never commit any wrong.

Then, someone told me: “Why should you listen to this side of uncertainty? You’ve always been someone who sees the good side of things in life. Why would you let it change you into someone you never was before?”

The voice was coming from your angelic side; so rational and yet persuasive enough to become everyone’s motto in life.

Within this motto, lies an advice all of us – especially in these times – must take into consideration: Always go. You’re not supposed to know everything from the very beginning, but you are supposed to keep moving forward. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way; if not, you will find an excuse.

Even if sometimes, you get scared to death because you don’t know what lies ahead – whether stubborn obstacles or unexpected opportunities – this journey is going to open closed doors for you. You just have to keep moving, maintain your balance. Every task, great or small, that you complete in your daily life adds to your potential. Every task accomplished is an extra step. you can never make two steps at the same time. It is always one step that’ll get you to your goals. Sometimes one small additional step is all it takes to cross the finish line. Believe it or not, it’s the source of one’s biggest life changes is the small initiatives taken every day.

You can’t reach the end ocean if you don’t swim.
You can’t win the race if you don’t start running in the first place.
You can’t beat someone in a game if you don’t try to play it.
You can’t reach the top of the mountain if you never start climbing.

You can’t expect yourself to heal or recover from a fall if you don’t implement the positive healing micro habits to your everyday life.
You can’t get your dream body if you keep on searching for ways to lose weight but never start practicing consistently with your diets and your habits . 

You can’t be productive if you keep on procrastinating.
You can’t have fun if you are never up for adventures.
You can’t have closure if you don’t start taking full responsibility for your actions.
You can’t reach for the stars if you never try to shoot for them.

You were never meant to have it all figured out. It’s pointless to have all the answers from the beginning. If it were the case, everyone would do it. At the end of the day, you will eventually know the reason for this uncertainty: it might now, in an hour, tomorrow, or maybe even on your death bed? 

I can only assure you that uncertainty is a healthy thing. Once aware of it, it can be used to your advantage. Remember that sometimes trying to be certain about any step before you do it is the root to giving up, going back to sleep and not doing anything of your life. 

Always go.

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