About The Call Of God

“The degree of responsibility you take determines how much change you can create change.”
Celeste Chua

While I was studying, my cell phone rang. I picked up. As surprising as it may sound, God was talking on the other end. I answered. He didn’t even ask me how I was doing.

He just said to me:

“Hi Lynn, I know exactly what you’re thinking right now. How you’re feeling about everything that has been happening around you lately, especially in Lebanon. This country remains on the receiving end of destructive events. Through the August 4 explosion, the economic collapse of the country and the increasing spread of COVID-19.

The amount of pain you have all endured this year is unimaginable. You are in a deep dark world today. The universe is going mad, people are losing hope. They have forgone their faith in me. Their mental health is in ruins. Your life continues to become more unbearable with every passing day. Living is no longer your daily motto; surviving is. The only goal is to make it to the next moment.

From this highpoint, I observe and analyse every thought and action you conduct and/or create day by day. Free will is the first thing you were born with. Unfortunately, the end result of free will is often painful for me to see: people who choose to steal, kill or simply harm other people. It is not an issue related solely to religion anymore. It is about deviating away from the true values and ethics of life.

My guardian angels are becoming powerless over your situation. Their advice falls on deaf ears.
One week ago, someone very dear to you called me.

He wasn’t a simple man who just walked the Earth. He was the image of a strong warrior who stood in the face of adversity and confronted all the bad in people. He was the type of subordinate who would follow you to the ends of the Earth if you asked him to. He was the type of leader who would plant a new seed of hope in each one of those in need. The most “living life to the fullest” kind of man one could cross paths with. Loyalty and honesty were his core virtues. He became a role model for nearly fifty children. He gave and earned respect from everyone. A tree full of life and passion, he covered his entourage with his warmth. He called to me and said the exact same things I’m saying to you today.

He called to me in deep suffering because of how mad the world had gone. Powerless, he felt that, in his position, he was unable to do much. After a brief silence, he told me that he wanted to help more. He wanted to be of more use, to protect people from the bad in the world”.

As my emotions were starting to get the better of me, I whispered: “Where is he right now? Is he safe?”

God replied: “Why are you asking me? You can ask him yourself. He hears each and every one of you. You know him well enough to be certain that he is always there. Whenever someone needs advice, a sign from him or even to feel him. He is always here. His responsibilities grew bigger”.

“He’s living on the inside, roaring like a lion”.

A couple of days later, I left him a voicemail: “I miss you a lot. You are my inspiration because the decision you made was out of the ordinary. May I be as strong as you are. I just want to assure you that your wife is the strongest woman right now she’s holding everything together, she’s keeping her precious smile while carrying the weight of the world, your twin daughters are two young mature ladies standing tall through all the hardships they are going through, your small girl is the joy bundle of your family and your son is the rock of everyone right now and he take his strength from you, his haven. Today you inspired thousands. Better days are coming because a guardian angel chose the most selfless way to shed light on our dark world. Notify me when you get my message. Take good care of yourself.”

And since that day he never failed to be our source of strength and inspiration on every passing day. 
From that very moment, I knew that he was constantly here. Just in a different way.

“He watches over everything we see.”
The Lion King 2

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