About The Unforgivable Compassion

Drawing credits: Ivan Debs

“They thought the explosion happened in the country. Little did they know that it actually happened in their hearts.”

“Don’t judge someone’s actions without knowing their reasons”.

This quote applies to someone who quit their job, who stole a couple of dimes in order to feed their family, who is depressed because of the environment they live in. It can apply to those people because their past forced them to make bad decisions but you, our dear politicians, what are the reasons behind your actions? 

You may blame the people who elected you because those poor people were kind hearted and naive enough to believe you were worthy of a second, third and even fourth chance. You perfected the art of stealing along with the art of hiding. Whenever the time came to hold people accountable for their actions, you would reappear with those puppy eyes, fooling everyone that you are fighting for a better country. Tell me though, did the people of Lebanon really deserve what happened to them on August 4, 2020?

They really deserve your negligence and the fact that you are too lazy to come up with a solid plan for the nitric chemicals that have been in storage in the middle of the Beirut port since 2013. They deserve your betrayal after having believed in you for so long. They deserve your selfishness. All you ever did for this country was for your own benefit, your own well being. Not for the lives of thousands of citizens. They deserve those infinite lies of yours. Those lies you use to comfort those broken people, when all you truly did was bleeding the country dry.

Destroying Lebanon’s economy and  democracy was not enough for you, was it now? You wanted to be part of a bigger explosion. We are all too familiar with your old ways of deception but the trick you pulled out on the 4th of August takes the cakes. No one saw it coming, as it was just impossible for us to think that this year could get any worse.

How can you stay that calm when you know that you were part of the explosion? Just tell me how?
Have you ever heard about compassion? This thing when you feel a little humanity towards other humans?
Everybody has heard about compassion, and you surely did as well. However, it seems that your definition of this precious word is different to ours.

Your “compassion” is to see Beirut’s sky covered with pollution after months of getting cleaner. It is seeing people’s properties crack: shattered glasses, broken doors, flocks of rocks that used to constitute homes and shelters. It is watching people’s blood get mixed with the tears of their families. On that day, a mother nation lost her innocent children: firefighters, workers at Beirut’s port, and many more. It is admiring how each and every person in Lebanon cried their heart out that night. We were all – and still are –  in shock, lost in a non-existing peace of mind. Do you find this painting to be beautiful?

How dare you steal people’s lives? How dare you remain so indifferent to so much suffering?

The most heart-whelming thing you have done was to set a  3-day mourning period in the name of all the people and places that got lost. As if you were so sad about what happened! This goes without mentioning once more that you were the reason behind it all.

Stop lying. Drop the acting. Yesterday your actions spoke louder than your words.

Every single tear and every drop of blood we have shed. Every economic depression and crisis we, the people of Lebanon, have had to go through and will go through. You have no heart. You have no reasons that can save you on judgement day. You don’t deserve our understanding. You only deserve the same “compassion” you gave us: nothing!

Congratulations, “kindhearted” politicians! Countless childhoods you have broken when you separated poor innocent children from their parents and vice versa. Those fallen people had to see, powerlessly, their beloved ones hurting. In Lebanon and abroad, our young hearts got shattered into 10,452 pieces. Our brains are still under shock, unable to even accept that this just took place in front of us. 

You have destroyed the buildings and skyscrapers of our dear Beirut. You have damaged every single region in our tired Lebanon. You have erased the last thread of hope we had in a better nation, the last spark of faith that Lebanon was not a lost cause. Our mental states have reached an all-time low because we all felt that we all lost something that day: a house, a relative or even ourselves. You have eradicated a whole country. 

Lebanon! My dear Lebanon! Where can I find you again?

Overthinking is a parasite. It’s a virus. How can any of us not spend their upcoming days, months or even years not overthinking what just happened and what’s yet to come? You break everything you touch, and we are left behind to pick up the pieces from your mistakes. Some things you break cannot be fixed. This one is going to haunt us all for the rest of our lives.

Here we sit in front of our television sets, watching over and over again what happened along with the consequences this brings. And we ask ourselves out loud: “What’s next? How much “compassion” is left in you, our dear “servants of the people”?

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