About The Pieces

“And when I look at myself in the mirror, all I see through my soul are the pieces of all the people I have encountered.”
– L.B

Death If you want to scare someone, pronounce this petrifying word in front of them.

When you were first born, you were actually the biggest and the wisest you would have ever been. How so? Your soul was whole and it was all yours. However people knew nothing about your existence; they only knew your parents. One day, they came to congratulate them and then they met you. You had the most amazing and innocent smile while looking at them. The woman you smiled at was the first stranger you gave something of yourself to. This simple smile made her day and relieved her sadness and till that day she always tells her grandchildren about your unforgettable smile.

When you were four, you told your parents that you loved them. As we all know, when someone says: “I love you” for the first time, it’s the most precious and memorable moment of all the times they will ever say it. When you told them those three words, another part of your soul was given away. Today you’re miles away from them studying abroad, but they still remind each other of that special moment while crying themselves to sleep and missing you.

When you turned ten, you taught your youngest sister to play the piano. You did not know that you were giving away a part of yourself again, creating an ambitious girl ready to give  her all to this soul instrument. Today, she’s a nineteen-year-old artist who goes on tours and plays all of her songs for the world to hear, remembering you every time she was asked about her success: “I got it from my sister”.

At fifteen, your mother’s best friend lectured you: “It will all make sense one day”. You were so confused that day because you had gotten in a big fight with your boyfriend in addition to one of those bad days with the worst luck. Today, you’re finally able to connect the dots with a clearer vision of your used-to-be messy life, understanding why each second of that day had to be as such.

At eighteen years of age, your teacher saw you desperately lost, with no clear lead on the major you should pick. One day, she was teaching a history lesson on Lebanon’s Independence day. Meanwhile, you were creating a masterpiece on your desk, drowning in your own world. She was walking across the tables of the class and then saw you drawing. Instead of shouting at you for doing art in history class, she gave you a wide and hopeful smile. She couldn’t resist telling you that you’ll do amazing in art. At this very moment, she did not know that she had just changed a life. She only gave you a piece of genuine advice, but you? You took it to a completely different level. Your future suddenly appeared clear in front of you. And here you are today. You’re a twenty-year-old student in fashion design all because your beloved teacher helped you figure it all out without her even knowing that her five words have helped with a lifetime decision.

Now that you’re twenty, you have left pieces of your soul all around the people surrounding you. They have left theirs around you as well. Will you ever know whom you left pieces in? Sometimes you will because you were willingly kind or unkind to them. Other times, you will inspire or destroy people without even noticing. Guess what? You’re not done yet, nor is your mission. You still have pieces to distribute and people to encounter. Those people still have to do the same for you as well. You have so much to give and receive. 

It is normal to feel your body hurt, for there’s nothing like “soul pain”. The kind of pain when all you do is give your good pieces to people who will never give you any of theirs in return. They only fill you with the bad ones. Your pieces will fit into their holes perfectly. The cycle goes on, until one day, you die. This will be the day when all of your pieces will have been given out, when your soul will become so small to the point it can no longer serve as an essence to your living body.

As humans, how controversial can we be? I’ll tell you, we blame the bad people for being bad when actually we give them our bad pieces. We get happy and satisfied with the kind people around us when we should be thanking ourselves for the good pieces we took from ourselves and gave to them.

Be kind, always.
Your pieces will make those around you and theirs will make you too. Together, our kindness will create the world we dream of having.
Don’t hate and don’t get angry. No one who deserves this.
Banish those disgusting feelings who are ruining us a little more every day.

If you really care about someone, don’t be toxic to them. The closer you are to the person, the more pieces you will leave in them and I don’t think that you’ll be happy to hurt the ones you love actually. We’re all going to die someday eventually, but be aware to leave your pieces as a reminder of the kind person you are. 
Inspire others. Show them what love means.
Cherish them, smile at them.
Be kind to them until the day  your soul will be so small, seemingly dead but more alive than ever.

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