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About Flame Keepers

Maybe life is not about avoiding bruises. Maybe it is about collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it.”
– Unknown

I wake up to the sound of my alarm, race out of bed to make it to work
Each day is a new challenge for me, under a different cloth than yesterday
I try my best to stay positive, focusing on my job and the fact of not being a jerk
But our inner selves are doors, resisting the devil’s attacks in more than one way

Filled with pressure, it becomes hard to keep an eye on the prize
The prize of finally making it to where I want to be

Then today, the answer finally came, and it was more than negative
It was devastating, hurtful, lethal, belittling
Rendering any form of struggle and hard work to dust in just a shove
In circles I start to turn, into oblivion my strength is fading

Filled with anger and pain, it becomes almost impossible to keep an eye on the prize
The prize that is now nothing more than a mirage

Left on the ground to die, covered in bruises, blood and tears
Our eyes may slowly start to close, as we decide to just put an end to it all
We have just gone to hell and back,enduring the rain of mockery arrows and criticism spears
But now that we are back, we become too scared to try anything. Is anything really worth another fall?

Filled with fear and shame, it is not even an option to keep an eye on the prize anymore
The prize that makes us regret every thought, decision and word that is connected to us

As we start to give in to the darkness, our eyes suddenly open again
Through the excruciating pain, we scream our way back up
We do not really know why we decided to get up again, especially since a second ago it seemed all in vain
Through everything that just happened, one step at a time, we start walking towards walking once more towards the top

Filled with something indescribable, having an eye on the prize seems like a good idea
The prize for which we went through it all

There is something inside each one of us, there is a small spark
A glimpse of strength, hope or faith
An energiser for our entire purpose as humans who do not fear thy lone shark
An ignition key to fuel the engine and finish the race

Filled with that light, the prize is once again the only thing we are determined on achieving
The prize that shaped us and made us stronger

We are flame keepers. That light inside of us never dies unless we decide to kill it.

Inside of me
I’m digging deep
Somewhere there’s a light inside of me
Inside of me
So hard to see
Somewhere there’s a light inside of me”
Dan Murphy


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