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About Tightropes

Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well”.
-Jack London

I don’t know what to do tonight
So many feelings trapped so I attempt to write
The reason I write, lies in the fact that words on pages are one of the only desperate ways I have to fight
My mind holds the pressures of whom I wish I could be very tight

There are night, I wish I could just give up completely
And stop chasing a stream of dreams
Where everything may not really be what it seems
Sometimes I wish to just quit
And disappear to somewhere comfy and painless, for longer than just a bit

To forget the life I need so badly
And resign to live somewhere easy, quite sadly

I write to force a meaning into my life
Like Dylan Thomas said: “To rage! Rage against the dying of the light!”
To remind myself every day why I have to fight
Even when I lose my sight to the fright in the night

So that’s enough about me; this one is for you

The youth, for the lost, the misplaced
The ones who live in their heads with too much space
Who have been convinced that words won’t save you from the wounds you can’t stitch

Their condition is beyond help or tell
Positive words can’t reach to the level of which you dwell
For none, you’ve heard, faltered the depths of your hell

They’re meant for trivial issues
The ones that can easily be solved with hugs and tissues
Your stage is beyond songs or silly phrases of people who don’t understand
You’re beginning to create and make your own plans
The ones that will soon leave you at peace, in the icy sand

If you’re that poor soul, listen to me
True, I don’t know who you are or who you could one day be
But you are very alike me
This you must see

And right now, in this moment, I beg you
Grasp one idea and just hold it
You are alive in this planet right now
You will not be given a second shot at giant vows
A vow you could take upon yourself to act on wonderful things to help others

Put yourself aside
And you might find out that you won’t want to hide
That’s what I do

Time is a hard thing
It’s endlessly painful when you’re trapped
But time can also heal, time can change
And the ways good things can spring up into your life can be quite strange

With life, you will have but one chance
And to judge it all at a shy glance
Your pretty eyes covered by both hands
Is the wrong way to invite in the friendly, great beast that I will call CHANCE

This planet may one day need your character
And a friend may pull in, through your barrier
Because they could see you were a light that only needed a carrier

You might be a flaming torch in the darkness
For those who, like you, need your reviveness

Whether you live or die, right now, is up to you
And I know you must be the one to choose
It’s your life

But to know which choice is right
Sometimes, you just have to hold on very tight
And you know somewhere deep inside
There is still that little spark of fight
That only needs a voice like mine to help you at night

Look, I know you’re there. You’re real
I’m real


2 thoughts on “About Tightropes

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