About Ripped Jeans

”You can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans” 
-Ed Sheeran

Well, today I ripped my jeans.

I was getting ready to go to class when unfortunately, my jeans got ripped.

In that particular moment, one of two things can happen: either I stop thinking rationally and mess a big scene out of it, or I get myself a different pair to wear and go about my day. No big deal, really.

One of the funny particularities about our brains is that they usually drive us into panic mode. From a simple switch to panic mode, everything goes downhill, and the ripples keep going.

Coming back to what happened to me this morning, it was only ‘normal’ for me to lose it and turn a simple incident into a catastrophe. In that exact moment, I saw myself spiralling down into madness. Along with that, all the problems I have going on in my life came rushing back to my consciousness: I’m getting too fat, I look ugly, I am going to be late for class, I am going to miss the lecture, which will result in me not understanding anything. I am going to fail my semester, my life is over and meaningless, I’m dead.

In that single moment in time, all those overwhelming feelings made me question my entire existence, just because I ripped my jeans.

After that incident, I analyzed deeply the situation I was in and realized that we react that way to almost literally everything: we switch into panic mode for the simplest of things, and that is understandable, because in reality a lot of factors play in these circumstances. Either we are afraid of society’s rules and regulations, or we over exaggerate incidents to the point that feels like the end of the world – at least of our world – and even if nothing is wrong, we start to create problems out of nowhere, just to make ourselves feel more miserable than we really are.

This sort of reasoning taught me a few tricks in order to deal with this issue. I hope they will be useful to you as much as they were to me, if not more.

First of all, think carefully about the problem, and the possible outcomes of it. Then evaluate the problem from an objective standpoint by asking yourself the following questions: How bad is it? Is it worth freaking out and worrying that much about it?

After you are through with questioning and analyzing the situation, find solutions to that problem and try to fix it. Keep on trying until you come up with the right solution. If you are still unable to fix the situation, ask for help; it is always good to have advice from someone else.

Finally, if you feel hopeless, know that it is okay to give up and let go. Don’t be too hard on yourself, as it will not lead you to anything good. It will make you feel worse about yourself.

Definitely don’t make a big deal out of it, because nothing in life has that much of a meaning to the point of pressuring yourself and turn crazy over, specially ripped jeans.

Life has so many positive sides to think about, so don’t bother your brain with useless fights because in the end your mental health is more important. The importance is to win the war, even if it means losing a few battles.

Lift your chin up, wipe your tears off and wear that second pair of jeans. Go live your life. Enjoy it while you can, because we only live one life so make it a good one.

Also, ripped jeans are trendy nowadays so rock those ripped jeans!

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