About Eternal Faith

“Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances.”

-C. S. Lewis

I’m sure you have heard of the concept of parallel lines: those lines always facing each other without ever meeting. 

After having seen many things in this life, I’ve learned tons of things. Things that have made me reconsider this concept.

Do you think that something will last forever? Do you think that  certain things are eternal? Well, if you do, then you’re another unrealistic person I know.

It is almost as if nothing is meant to last, since the beginning of time. For example:

Since the day you saw your coloring as perfect, yet some of it would always manage to cross the borders, ruining the masterpiece you had just created.

Since the days you could not be happier with your skin and body, until stress and anxiety started to come in and destroy them.

Since the days you thought your grades were the highest in the class, until distractions arrived, making them decrease again.

Since the days when you used to be thankful for your friends, until betrayal stood in the way, turning friends to let you down so easily.

Since the days you felt happy and healthy, until a tiny virus entered your system, invading all your body and leading to fatal diseases.

Since the days you thought your beloved ones will hold your hand every step of the way and never let you go, until destiny turned cruel towards you, creating oceans so big between you two that even by ship, you will not be able to cross it.

I have heard different definitions of life: “Life is so cruel. Life is not worth living. Life leads to death. Life is unfair. Life is a happiness-taker. Life is a joy-breaker.”

But do you know what else life is?

Life is when you fail all over again an important tournament or a study year, but still feel a power pulling you up to fight for your win.

Life is when you lose someone who you thought was meant to stay forever, but then find out why they left, realizing you are better off without them.

Life is when the opportunities’ door closes right in front of you, but you hold your ground and confidence, realizing that another one has opened for you.

Life is when the people you trusted the most leave you on your toughest days, only for you to realize that no one will be there for you to chase your grey clouds away except you.

Life is when depression has taken over, thoughts have eaten your brain and body, you’re on the verge of breaking, only for you see a note saying: “You are worth it.”

Life is when you’re mentally sick while falling from the highest top, and then you feel a weird power dragging you back up again.

Life is when cancer attacks you and it feels like you have no more hope, you wake up, after 6 months of desperation, miraculously cured.

How ephemeral things are. However, they have nothing to do with the parallel lines mentioned at the beginning. Instead, they are lines who always find an intersection with endings. Neither the good nor the bad remains.

Life is so unsteady and nothing is guaranteed, so don’t ever take things for granted, or think that your current situation is your final destination.

Open up your eyes, know the value of every smile, of every moment, good and bad, and you’ll see how amazing this beautiful life can be, day after day.

You’ll be certain that this life is definitely worth living.

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