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About Passport Stamps

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

-Marcel Proust

For every travel there is a memory, for every goodbye there is a new hello
For every new adventure there is a moment of doubt, for every new achievement a moment of fear
For every “let’s go” there is a “what if”, for every flying high there was a falling low
For every tear there is a smile, and every challenge comes with the appropriate gear

Travelling to the same place many times is not boring, dare I say
It becomes boring when our views on things do not change
To be in awe at the arrival, to see the sky blue rather than  gray
Such is the challenge of travelling: becoming the someone our old self would find strange

I have been to more than 25 countries, 35 cities and 4 continents
Met more than a million people in my life, in all circumstances
Some for a party, others for a lifetime, some live in houses, while others dwell  in tents
Different cultures, different views, different backgrounds, yet the very same presence

We grow through everything we do, see and feel daily
Life is short, so let not people tell you what they saw
Go see it for yourself, understand what it means to feel lively
Each journey is an experience to learn more, another chance to experience  awe

The most beautiful stories are the ones on the pages of a passport
The book that holds the parts of us we thought we wouldn’t see again
We remember not years, but special moments spent out of our resort
However, beware! Remember, true travelling comes with pain

People’s suffering, hunger, poverty and hate for each  other
The slums and failings of other countries and cultures
The loss of humanity: the barriers we construct as we take over
People and land and water and air –  the lies of political and mediatic vultures

Finally, I call for a Revolution. One that does not involve arms and anarchy
But one that works for  knowledge, caring, and love of all and one
Jew, Palestinian, Catalan, Muslim, Christian, Rohyngia, is  a brother to  me
Passport stamps mean reaching across all  borders, to make sure all do see the sun.

“If you are not making someone else’s life better, then you are wasting your time”.

-Will Smith


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