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About My Dear Old Self

“You should have found the strength shining through your broken soul, dear old self”.

-Lynn Berbery

My dear old self,

You have suffered so much because of your lack of self esteem .
When all you should have done, was let your self confidence scream.

You are so strong when in adversity, you decide to stand tall.
You are so brave when you get back up and face everything after a fall.

You are not weak when you let those tears come out.
You are able to remain prudent when your mind is filled with doubt.

You are sweet when one look from you can make up someone’s day.
You are kind when you maintain your good self after everything people say.

You are wise when wisdom for every situation of life you keep on giving.
You are brilliant when you work hard and today, you are finally achieving.

You are mature when before doing anything you visualize the outcome of every situation.
You are reasonable when you listen to your brain in every occasion.

You are emotional when you reveal your true emotions to someone
You are rational because of all the smart things you have done.

You are confident for being fearless and holding your head high despite your differences.
You are optimistic when you choose happiness over sadness, after thinking about all the consequences.

You are innocent when you speak dirty without even knowing.
You are honest when you always tell the truth even though you’re falling.

You are inspiring when you do everything with passion.
You are determined in reaching your goals, so you use all that ambition.

How I wish you knew my old self!

Obviously now, it’s too late to change the past me.
But the least I can do, is to enlighten the beauty that one damaged old soul can carry.


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