About The Greatest Challenge

He who is outside his door has the hardest part of his journey behind him.”

-Dutch Proverb

It is okay, to feel hurt, lost and unwanted

It is okay, to feel blue sometimes, even lonely

But just because it is bad, doesn’t mean you have to take this for granted

Hold on, be strong, in the end you’ll be happy

Just because it is raining, just because it’s dark

Doesn’t mean you’ll drown, doesn’t mean you’re out

Even if you failed, and feel out of luck

You will rise again, through the pain which you scream and shout

Through it all, you’ve been standing tall

Now is not the time, to stop and lose it all

Life is for the living, and living is for fighters

So grab your gear again, and race through the fire

Rise up, stand up, and remember who you are

You were born ready, ready for more

You’re more than you think you are

When everyone whispers: “Leave. This ain’t your life”.

Listen to your gut: “hold on a little longer…

For the Hustler’s Life

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