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About The Strength Of Mothers

“Remember you are the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside.”

-Rachel Wolchin

When I need to know best about self-improvement and becoming a better version of myself, she’s whom I look up to.
When life pushes her hard, she always pushes back a little harder.
When the biggest decisions confront her, her wisdom takes over and helps her choose maturely what’s best for her and for everyone.
When bad luck strikes, she always finds a way to see the bright side of the situation.

When she falls down, she stands back up, stronger than ever, for what she really wants to achieve.
When the night is extremely cold, she uses her warm vibes to heat it up.
When the days are all grey, she wears her colorful soul and starts painting.
When she doesn’t know about a specific topic, she leans on her focus side in order to learn because she believes that knowledge is the best weapon for change.

When no one is there for her, she puts her independence cap on, and keeps walking.
When she finally succeeds at doing the fifty pushups, she equips herself with the motivation to aim higher and higher, never settling.
When in society, she wears her strong attitude by standing up for her rights and speaking up for herself.
When surrounded by family, she wears her tender side and affectionate mind, covering them with the purest form of love.

When being kind seemed a weakness to me, she wore her persuasive side and convinced me that I was “the strongest of all girls my age” because I wasn’t afraid to be the only kind girl in a world where the other were unkind and selfish.
When losing myself seemed to be the only thing to do, she wears her compass and guides me back in the right direction on the best road.
When she’s had enough because everything seems to go wrong, she wears her faith and believes that everything will work out, trusting God’s plan.
When she is tired of just being the mature and experienced woman, she wears her child’s spirit too and inspires us that mature kids really exist.

When she really needs someone to stay here next to her in the tough days, she wears her support side and stands tall for everyone.

School has cultivated me, University has developed my mind, but she…
She has got my back on my worst days
She has shed tears because she’s always feared that she could lose me
She has reminded me of how valuable I am.

She has done all this, and more…
But mostly, she has taught me that life is always going to mess with me.
For my part, I must learn to clean up and recalibrate my path in order to remain concentrated on my goal, overcoming fear, doubt and incertitude.


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