About Head Versus Heart

“The strongest battle you have to face is between what you know and what you feel.”


There are two people inside of me: Head and Heart. More often than not, they find themselves in conflict with each other on certain matters. I happen to find myself in the middle of that conflict, filled with unanswered questions.

Who’s Head?

He’s a strong machine, with rational thoughts and a lot of logic.

He’s the haven of consistent knowledge and various kinds of information.

He is my guide, constantly telling me: “Be independent, you only get yourself at the end”.

He’s my rational side, saying: “Don’t be spontaneous, think one thousand times” because he doesn’t believe in the ‘you only live once’ philosophy.

He’s my calendar, he prefers well-organized plans to the last minute ones.

He never accepts to waste time; punctuality is his number one quality.

He advises me to never make the first move in any situation, but rather be patient and understand the other side’s strategy.

He knows no empathy or pity.

He is Doubts’s favorite prey; they always try to eat him alive. If he dies one day, it would be due to the unimaginable amount of thoughts contained inside, leading to an explosion.

He is the boundary; he builds limits where I thought there would be none.

He’s my come-back-to-earth reminder when I am high on life.

He tells me to back down and leave, everytime I think I found love.

He’s the definition of numbness: he knows no sadness, no happiness, nothing. Just a neutral state.

Head shows me war and hate, toughness and fakeness.

He insists on the unsteadiness of life.

He keeps on repeating to me: “Be cautious. In the end, everything and everyone leaves. Heck, even the Earth will die one day.”

Who’s Heart?

Heart is all the butterflies I get when I’m in love.

Heart is the depression that hits me whenever I am alone in bed, at night.

He is the careless version of me, the child who never thinks about the consequences.

He is the naïve person who believes everything, especially the good things people tell him.

He is the one who has never heard of Doubt.

He never questions himself, and always goes head first into the action.

He is the spontaneous one. He never plans something thoroughly.

Sometimes, Hatred and Anger take control, which leads him to do terrible things.

Pain is his permanent tattoo, one that reveals several stories about me.

Betrayal is a scar left on him by the fake people I’ve crossed paths with.

Other times, Loyalty is his devise. Attachment roots in him.

He doesn’t really care about someone’s mistake and therefore doesn’t get mad at them.

His faith is based on trying again. However,  moving on seems to be the hardest thing to do.

He is the fragile child in you, he needs you to take care of and pay attention to him.

He is your unconscious mind, your unmentioned desires and your unspoken wishes.

He is the your soul’s home, where your entire sacred essence resides, your main meaning to stay alive.

Head or Heart? Yes or No? Stop or Go? Love or Leave? Life or Grief? Hope or Forget? All In or Fold? Logic or Feelings? Rationality or Emotions?

Is it possible to answer even half of those questions?

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